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Disclaimer and Terms Of Services for TCAII – (The Cannabis Insiders Insight)

We have put up this page to help the users of TCAII (The Cannabis Insiders Insight) get a better information on our terms and agreements they approve of by using our site and its services.

It is crucial to note that while we discuss, share insights and product reviews, we do not in any way actively encourage smoking or heavy use of marijuana, we help the few who are interested in the subject know more about what they are into. We cover extensively Products and tools to help grow cannabis (on legal terms I.E states where it is legalized) as well as tips and other educational insights on cannabis.

By using our site, you are agreeing to the following:

** We do not encourage smoking or teach you how to become a heavy smoker of marijuana.
** We are not responsible for your actions as to growing Marijuana. You are solely responsible for any action you take towards the subject matter.
** We are not in any way or form encouraging the growth of cannabis in states where it is not legalized (reasons best known to the government). Choosing to grow marijuana in such states is sorely you and your responsibility alone.

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